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Trust diagnostics from a specialist in the treatment of tendonitis, related conditions in Encinitas, CA

Tendonitis Treatment at Seaside Rheumatology and Wellness Center in Encinitas CA Area

If your arms, legs, hands, feet, or other affected areas ache or feel tender, and you experience some swelling and mobility problems because of your symptoms, you may have tendonitis. These are a few of the symptoms that commonly present when patients have inflamed or irritated tendons. This inflammation of those thick, fiber-like cords that connect muscle to bone can often be mistaken for other conditions, such as rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis. These conditions are also linked to each other. As a Board-Certified Rheumatologist, Dr. Peter Lloyd is experienced and knowledgeable at diagnosing tendonitis and related conditions. So, tendonitis treatment … Continue reading

Is it osteoarthritis or something else? Treating symptoms starts with specialist expertise in Encinitas, CA

Treating Osteoarthritis in Encinitas Ca Area

The first step to relief from the pain, stiffness, tenderness, and swelling of osteoarthritis (OA) is an understanding of the root cause of your symptoms. Only then can board-certified rheumatologist Dr. Peter Lloyd begin the process of effectively treating osteoarthritis in Encinitas, CA, at the office of Seaside Rheumatology and Wellness Center. At its heart, osteoarthritis arises any time the cartilage that cushions the ends of the bones in your joints degrades. Firm, slippery cartilage facilitates free movement of the joints, so there is no painful friction. When cartilage erodes entirely, bone rubs on bone. So, osteoarthritis is often thought … Continue reading

From injectable to oral options, treatments for gout in Encinitas, CA ease attacks, prevent flares

Treatments for Gout in Encinitas Ca Area

Relief from the pain, stiffness, swelling, and inflammation caused by gout often involves medications. The choice of medication that board-certified rheumatologist Dr. Peter Lloyd may prescribe depends, partly, on your current health status and personal preferences. Treatments for gout in Encinitas, CA at Dr. Lloyd’s office, Seaside Rheumatology and Wellness Center, may address both acute attacks and help to prevent future flare-ups. The effective intervention also helps to reduce the risk of complications, such as tophi, which is a build-up of urate crystals around the joints. Gout medications commonly include prednisone and other corticosteroids. These drugs control inflammation and pain. … Continue reading

Myriad treatments in Encinitas, CA ease Sjögren’s syndrome symptoms and prevent irreversible damage

Sjogren's Syndrome Symptoms and Treatments in Encinitas Area

Sjögren’s syndrome can potentially affect many different parts of the body. Frequently, this autoimmune condition damages the ability of the mucus membranes and glands to produce adequate tears and saliva. So, dryness is commonly associated with Sjögren’s. While no single medication has been conclusively proven to slow the progression of the disease, there are many drugs available to ease symptoms. Without intervention, these symptoms can lead to oral and ocular damage, and damage to internal organs such as the lungs, liver, and pancreas. A board-certified rheumatologist, Dr. Peter Lloyd of Seaside Rheumatology and Wellness Center, is well-versed in Sjögren’s syndrome … Continue reading

Ways to relieve Psoriatic Arthritis pain are within reach at Encinitas, CA specialist’s office

Treat Psoriatic Arthritis Pain in Encinitas Area

Rheumatological diseases often have similar or overlapping symptoms. So, it is important to select a specialist in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of musculoskeletal and autoimmune conditions affecting the muscles, joints, tendons, and bones. Many types of arthritis and systemic autoimmune diseases cause pain. But a Board-certified rheumatologist such as Dr. Peter Lloyd can accurately pinpoint the source of your symptoms, to treat psoriatic arthritis pain in Encinitas, CA at the office of Seaside Rheumatology and Wellness Center. Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) pain is characterized by: Persistent, flu-like body aches Nerve pain around the spine that radiates to the toes and … Continue reading

Nerve block for back and leg pain provides effective, immediate relief from Encinitas, CA specialist

Nerve Block for Back and Leg Pain in Encinitas Area

The American College of Rheumatology reports around 80 percent of people worldwide will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Frequently, that pain radiates from the spine to the buttocks and legs, a condition known as sciatica. Most cases of back pain are caused by mechanical problems, such as overuse, and by gradual age-related changes. As a specialist in rheumatic diseases affecting the muscles, joints, bones, and tendons, Dr. Peter Lloyd is equipped to treat the many conditions that produce back and leg pain. Dr. Lloyd’s integrative approach may include injection of a nerve block for back and … Continue reading

Encinitas, CA specialist offers effective pain relief, integrative treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain in Encinitas Area

Rheumatoid Arthritis patients who visit Seaside Rheumatology and Wellness Center often describe “characteristic” symptoms, for instance, joint pain and tenderness in the hands, feet, elbows, and knees. The sooner you can seek treatment for Rheumatoid Arthritis pain in Encinitas, CA at the office of Board-certified Rheumatologist, Dr. Peter Lloyd, the quicker you get back to performing everyday tasks without pain, and to enjoying the activities that you once loved. Furthermore, effective treatment that goes beyond temporary pain relief also helps to prevent complications, such as joint deformities. RA pain, explained As inflammation irritates the joint, pain may be felt when … Continue reading

How to find a quality rheumatologist in Encinitas

Dr. Peter Lloyd quality rheumatologist in Encinitas

At Seaside Rheumatology and Wellness Center, we welcome patients in and around the Encinitas, CA area to consider the advantages of working with Dr. Peter Lloyd and his team. Trying to find a rheumatologist in the area that offers a range of treatments and services is easier than ever. There are many considerations patients have to think about when they are faced with finding a rheumatologist they know and trust. Below are just a few factors to consider when searching for a quality team that can assist you with your recent diagnose and improve your overall quality of life: Word … Continue reading

What is the cost and advantages of trigger point injections in Encinitas?

Cost and Advantages of Trigger Point Injections in Encinitas Area

Chronic muscle pain and discomfort is a common complaint of patients who have knots and tight muscles that cannot be relaxed through manual methods such as massage or exercise. In situations such as this, patients experience chronic discomfort caused by irritated nerves, which can send referred pain throughout the body. Patients in the Encinitas, CA area who are interested in learning more about trigger point injections available at Seaside Rheumatology and Wellness Center can find out more about the benefits and cost of this treatment to manage their pain. What are trigger point injections? Trigger point injections, or TPIs, are … Continue reading

Recommended gout treatment options and medications for Encinitas area patients

Recommended Gout Treatment Options and Medications for Encinitas Area Patients

At Seaside Rheumatology and Wellness Center, we believe in providing patients in the area of Encinitas, CA with a wide range of treatment options for a number of conditions. Men and women who have been diagnosed with gout but are having trouble managing it with their current medications may want to speak to a professional about alternative options. Gout treatment can vary from patient to patient for many reasons, so taking into account the different factors at play is just one specialty of Dr. Peter Lloyd. What is gout? Many patients who have inflammatory arthritis may be dealing with gout. … Continue reading

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