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Nerve block for back and leg pain provides effective, immediate relief from Encinitas, CA specialist

Nerve Block for Back and Leg Pain in Encinitas Area

The American College of Rheumatology reports around 80 percent of people worldwide will experience back pain at some point in their lives. Frequently, that pain radiates from the spine to the buttocks and legs, a condition known as sciatica. Most cases of back pain are caused by mechanical problems, such as overuse, and by gradual age-related changes. As a specialist in rheumatic diseases affecting the muscles, joints, bones, and tendons, Dr. Peter Lloyd is equipped to treat the many conditions that produce back and leg pain.

Dr. Lloyd’s integrative approach may include injection of a nerve block for back and leg pain in Encinitas, CA at the office of Seaside Rheumatology and Wellness Center. Medications, such as corticosteroids (sometimes mixed with an anesthetic like lidocaine), are injected into a specific nerve or group of nerves. These plexus or ganglion nerve groupings are responsible for pain in a specific region of the body or organ. As its name suggests, the anti-inflammatory medication “blocks” the pain signal that typically travels from the nerve to the brain. Nerve blocks are fast, effective, budget-friendly, well-tolerated, and minimally invasive alternatives to interventions that might involve cutting or destroying nerve cells.

Nerve blocks may be used to:

  • Provide immediate relief from back and leg pain, as well as pain in other regions of the body
  • Prevent pain from recurring, as a preemptive measure
  • Pinpoint the source of pain, as a valuable diagnostic tool
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Nerve blocks are particularly useful for patients whose pain is related to a smaller grouping of nerves or specific areas, such as the back and legs. If nerve blocks are right for you, Dr. Lloyd will discuss potential side effects prior to your appointment, as well as what to expect afterward. For some types of severe back and leg pain, additional injections may be required to move freely and easily, without pain.

Patients may also benefit from adjunct approaches, such as weight management, physical therapy, massage, and the targeted application of heat and cooling. A healthy lifestyle helps to promote healthy range of motion and is restorative, to support healing. For lasting pain relief, call Seaside Rheumatology and Wellness Center at 760-509-2429.

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Dr. Peter Lloyd

Dr. Peter Lloyd

Dr. Peter Lloyd is a board-certified rheumatologist with exceptional expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and other rheumatologic diseases. He earned his medical degree at the University of Vermont College of Medicine. He completed his internal medicine residency at the University of Chicago. He completed his rheumatology fellowship training at the prestigious David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA. At his facility Seaside Rheumatology, he treats his patients using the latest technology and medical developments. Due to his impeccable academic records, modern approach to treatments and compassionate patient care, he is valued as one of the best rheumatologists in the Rheumatology field.

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