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Encinitas, CA specialist gets to know your gout symptoms for relief, effective treatment options

Gout Treatment Options at Seaside Rheumatology & Wellness Center in Encinitas CA Area

Gout is often characterized by sudden “attacks” of intense joint pain that lingers, alongside swelling, a sensation of heat, and movement-limiting stiffness. To get relief from frequently debilitating symptoms requires an understanding of those symptoms. But this complicated form of arthritis is often mistaken for psoriatic arthritis (and other forms of arthritis) as well as pseudogout, which is a build-up of calcium – not uric acid – crystals in the joints. As a board-certified rheumatologist, Dr. Peter Lloyd is knowledgeable of and experienced with musculoskeletal and systemic autoimmune diseases, which informs the effective gout treatment options in Encinitas, CA at the office of Seaside Rheumatology and Wellness Center.

Additionally, by getting gout under control sooner rather than later, our patients avoid many other severe symptoms associated with complications, including:

  • Visible bulbous growths and misshapen joints or tophus
  • Joint damage, which may require surgical intervention or replacement of the affected joints
  • Abdominal pain, nausea, urinary problems of kidney stones
  • Dry eyes, cataracts, and other vision disturbances

During an appointment at the center, Dr. Lloyd will make note of how the suspected gout presents itself. In addition to clinical symptoms, he may confirm the presence of gout by conducting a joint aspirate. Synovial fluid is precisely removed from the affected joints using a small hypodermic needle. The sample will be analyzed for uric acid-based or urate crystals. Blood tests and imaging may also be employed to isolate elevated levels of uric acid and early features of joint involvement or longer-term damage, respectively.

Depending on your diagnosis, Dr. Lloyd may suggest a combination of treatments, which include:

  • Medications to treat acute gouty attacks (NSAIDs, corticosteroids, biologics)
  • Medications to remove uric acid (brand names such as Lopurin, Uloric, Benemid)
  • Lifestyle changes, such as the introduction of a “gout-fighting diet,” foods that are either limited in purines or don’t contain these compounds
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Purines break down into uric acid. Low-purine foods include options like most fruits, cereals, and vegetables. Keep purine-heavy meats, shellfish, and processed foods off of your plate. So, a healthy diet is a natural gout-fighter! Additionally, medications such as corticosteroids may be injected precisely and comfortably by Dr. Lloyd using ultrasound guidance. Treatment starts with an evaluation at Seaside Rheumatology and Wellness Center. Call 760-509-2429 to schedule your visit with Dr. Lloyd at the Encinitas, CA office.

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Dr. Peter Lloyd

Dr. Peter Lloyd

Dr. Peter Lloyd is a board-certified rheumatologist with exceptional expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, and other rheumatologic diseases. He earned his medical degree at the University of Vermont College of Medicine. He completed his internal medicine residency at the University of Chicago. He completed his rheumatology fellowship training at the prestigious David Geffen School of Medicine, UCLA. At his facility Seaside Rheumatology, he treats his patients using the latest technology and medical developments. Due to his impeccable academic records, modern approach to treatments and compassionate patient care, he is valued as one of the best rheumatologists in the Rheumatology field.

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