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The benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet

Anti Inflammatory Diet in Encinitas CA Area

When we think of eating a proper diet, we think about fueling our body with foods high in vitamins and nutrients. We might find ourselves straying from processed foods and leaning more towards whole foods, including white meat, fish, and fresh fruits and vegetables. But did you know that there is also a way to reduce inflammation with the foods we eat? Peter Lloyd is a board-certified rheumatologist located in the Encinitas, California area. He is the owner of Seaside Rheumatology and Wellness Center and works with patients to help them in learning more about the foods that prevent inflammation. … Continue reading

Rheumatologist in Encinitas, CA discusses effective natural remedies for rheumatic diseases

Natural Remedies for Rheumatic Diseases in Encinitas area

Rheumatic diseases can be painful and debilitating conditions that can have negative impacts that go well beyond painful joints. They can interfere with your social, home, and work life and cause emotional distress. That’s why Dr. Peter Lloyd at Seaside Rheumatology in Encinitas, CA has devoted his career to helping patients with rheumatic conditions regain their quality of life. Dr. Lloyd takes a whole-body approach that consists of both natural remedies and traditional medicine when developing treatment plans with his patients. Below, we explain several of the complementary medicine therapies that can benefit patients with rheumatic diseases. Do natural remedies … Continue reading

Patients ask, “Are natural supplements targeting inflammation and treating pain safe?”

Natural Supplements Targeting Inflammation and Treating Pain in Encinitas, CA area

Medicine and treatment plans can include a variety of approaches and therapies that should complement each other. The number of options for treating symptoms such as inflammation and pain can be overwhelming. Dr. Peter Lloyd and the team at Seaside Rheumatology and Wellness Center in Encinitas, CA can help you navigate your choices to create a customized treatment plan appropriate for your unique needs. If you are interested in natural supplements targeting inflammation and treating pain, Dr. Lloyd can discuss alternative therapy options. Inflammation is a localized physical condition in which part of the body becomes swollen, hot, red, or … Continue reading

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